Questions and answers

> International badge law:
See "Badge Law" below

> How do I order online ?
Simply click the red hook beside the quantity of the item you like to order.
If you like to order more then one item you can type the quantity in the field.
You can view your ordered items when clicking on "Basket"
To finish the purchase please click on "Checkout"
If you do not want to use our shop you can also order direct by email

> How can I pay ?
- Pay Pal
- Bank transfer (free for european customers)
- International money-order / check (only for totals over 200 dollar)
- Cash by registered mail
We do not accept direct creditcard payments

> How much do I have to pay for shipping?
Costs for worldwide shipping (registred airmail) are 15 dollar / 10 Euro
It does not matter where you live or how many badge your order

> How long is the shipping time ?
Shipping is around 5 days (europe) and 10 days worldwide

> Do you offer quantity discounts ?
For orders over 10 badges we can offer you a discount

> Are the badges allowed in my country ?
This depends on the local law in your country.
Please contact your local police to make sure the badge you like to order is allowed.
Generally we are not responsible for
any problems result through your order.